Feedback on the first session

A big thanks to all those who attended the first session of Practical Agile on the 5th April – the turnout far exceeded our expectations when we first discussed running such an event.

Over the course of the last week we’ve been collecting feedback from attendees and we wanted to summarise what has been passed back to us (in no particular order)

  • Format was well received with an informal but productive atmosphere
  • Everyone seemed fully engaged and participating in the conversations
  • Group sizes about right to enable a proper conversation
  • People enjoyed meeting new faces and hearing about their  challenges and solutions
  • A little too NCFE-centric
  • Durations of the sessions were about right – not too long, not too short
  • More directed facilitation required
  • Nice to catch up with former colleagues
  • Would be good to start subsequent sessions with a very quick recap and see if anyone has changed anything as a result of the last session

We hope that the NCFE-centricity will be addressed by inviting attendees from other companies to do a 5 minute intro to their organisation and their own challenges (see here).

In respect of direct facilitation we actively tried to avoid “managing” the conversation as we wanted a more natural pub style conversation, however we’re happy to take this on board if its a common theme – please let us know your thoughts on that (or indeed any other feedback) below.


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