“Spotlight on…” slot

In the first Practical Agile session, NCFE as hosts gave a brief introduction to the organisation and the software delivery team and some of the challenges that we’ve faced and still face as we continue to refine our agile approach.

For future sessions we would like to invite others to give a similar 5 minute overview of their organisation to share the context that they are working in.

The plan would be to feature a different organisation/team each month.

We want to keep it snappy so we’re proposing this structure :

  • 1 minute to introduce the company – what line of business do they operate in, what is the history of the company etc
  • 1 minute to outline the team they work in – size, structure, agile method adopted (if any) and maybe how the team have changed over time
  • 3 minutes to explain why agile delivery is important to the team, what challenges they faced and have overcome, what challenges remain.

If you would be keen to do a brief spotlight on your organisation in one of the future sessions please let us know by leaving a comment below


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