Practical Agile Is Born!

On Tuesday the 5th April 2016, we held our first session of Practical Agile. Agile professionals from prominent North East employers, including  hosts NCFE, Sage, HMRC, DWP, Orchid Software and Coatsink Software, met to discuss their experiences and challenges.

The night started with an overview of the aims of the group, which is to create a community to share knowledge and support each other in real-world agile challenges.  This was followed by a brief 5 minute run through of NCFE, their current approach to software delivery and the challenges faced.



Following this, we broke into two groups and the conversation began.  The first topics up for discussion were decided based on feedback from those who had registered to come along.  These centered around the relationships between the multiple specialist disciplines within scrum teams, and getting the balance between agile practices and more traditional project management expectations.  You can read more about the key discussion points here and here.

The evening was well received, and we are looking forward to the next session in a months time where another company will share a brief overview of their team and the topics for discussion will be decided by a vote on the day.  If you have feedback from the event or suggestions for future topics, we would appreciate it so please add a comment below.  We’d love to see you there, if you would like to join us please register here.

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